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Last night we went to the showing of “Race To Nowhere” at the Chanhassen High School. For starters, it was sad to see how many parents were in attendance of a video on the effects of education. Though many people were there, we were surprised that it wasn’t standing room only. If you were unable to make the viewing, let me give you the notes.

“Race To Nowhere” is a documentary feel movie about what the pressures about perfect grades and test scores is doing to our children. As young as early elementary school, students start showing signs of stress with headaches and stomachaches, caused by the pressures of too much homework and too much pressure to do it perfectly. When all this pressure continues on our innocent children is when we, sadly, start hearing the stories of a 13 year old girl taking her life because of her first ‘F’. I couldn’t believe that either but if you don’t take MY word for it, watch the movie!

Of course we ALL want what’s best for our children and for them to have the “best” education out there. How much is too much and are we remembering to let our children enjoy their childhood?

The, “Road To Nowhere” movie pointed out that we are preparing children for tests so they get the “best” scores to get into the “best” colleges so they can have the “best” lives. A question it posed was, if we’re just teaching kids to memorize test answers, how are they going to thrive and survive in the working world when their bosses are expecting creative WORK out of them?


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